Chinese symbol word tattoos

So you’re excited about exactly WHICH word or phrase you should get translated into a Chinese symbol for your new tattoo.

Do you go for your name – that’s a good choice.

Or do you go for a phrase that sums up your attitude to life?

Ultimately the choice is yours. Remember that a tattoo is for life so chose a word or phrase that deserves to be carried with you forever.

Just to give you an idea, here are just a few of the thousands of words and phrases that have been translated into Chinese symbol words recently.

Phrases/Words To Live By

  • be true to yourself
  • Live your Life
  • he who dares wins
  • special little bunny rabbit – (shudder) I don’t think I want to even go there!!
  • Liberty, equality, fraternity
  • Family
  • Harmony

Can you see yourself wearing a statement like that?

First Names

  • Sarah
  • Virginia
  • Ben
  • Thomas

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This lady will translate ANY word – just tell her what you want.

So make your choice wisely. Think about your life and what philosophies are important to you.

Is there a word that you try to live by? Is there a phrase that sums you up? Or someone special that you want to carry with you – a grandparent that gave you unconditional love as a child or the spouse that hung in through everything?

Or your name. The special word that you carry through life.

Whichever word or phrase you’ve decided is the right one for you, get it translated into beautiful Mandarin so that you can get your own Chinese symbol word tattoos.

If you’re looking to get a man’s name translated into a Chinese symbol tattoo then the sky is the limit.

Masculine names translated as Chinese symbols

Masculine names translated as Chinese symbols

A reputable translation service can translate ANY name so you are not limited by what you see above. That is just an example to show you how good the Chinese character lettering can look.

Names make killer tattoos but only if you’re confident of the translation.

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A lot of guys are seeing that a Chinese symbol tattoo can be a way of expressing themselves with a small tattoo that can be easily hidden when required for work. Funny – but not all bosses will share your taste in tats!

And it always makes a good talking point with the ladies!