Are you looking for designs for Chinese symbol word tattoos so that you can choose the symbol that best represents you?

Are you tired of joining galleries only to discover that they don’t have the Chinese symbol word tattoo design that you want?

But you find that out only AFTER you’ve handed over your money!

Unfortunately you won’t find designs for the Chinese symbols anywhere on the web – at least not a design that have been translated by an expert and that really does say what you want it to say. I’m assuming you don’t want to be wandering about with a design that looks elegant but actually reads “I am a warthog”!

Well, I’ve found the perfect solution for you!

Click here for authentic Chinese Symbols

While I was searching for MY Chinese symbol tattoo I discovered an online tattoo gallery that will

translate ANY word into Chinese symbol tattoos.
I mean how great is that!

Simply tell them what you want and it’s yours!

Get your very own name in Chinese symbol tattoos!

Get any word translated so that you can proudly wear it as a statement of who you are and what you believe in.

And because this lady translates the word or phrase that you give her, you’ll will know the meaning of it.

When you see a Chinese symbol tattoo design at a gallery, unless you’re fluent in Mandarin, you have NO idea whether the translation is correct or whether someone just stuck any meaning on a nice squiggle to sell it!

Hey, it’s a tough ol’ world out there and some people do stuff like that.

Get your choice of word translated by an expert that has a reputation to uphold.

I’m still tossing up whether to go for the Chinese symbol of LOVE tattoo or my first name.

My man would chose FREEDOM.

But see – the minute I tell you that you can almost visualize us as a couple, can’t you?

That is the power of the ancient Chinese characters. Tattoos have always been about expressing yourself. The Chinese symbols take that one step further.

So whether you want a Chinese symbol for LOVE tattoo or a translation of your name or a translation of ANY word that holds special significance for you, this is where you’ll find it.

Click here for authentic Chinese Symbols

This lady will translate ANY word into a Chinese character suitable for tattooing. She is an expert in tattooing so she knows what you need.

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